Bhit Khori Camping Trip

Bhit Khori Beach Camping Trip


Mubarak Village

Bhit Khori


Chance to See Bioluminescence


Soft Music

Live BBQ



Two Way AC Transport

Professional Photography

Basic First Aid Kit

Camps/Tents (Sharing Basis)

Mineral Water

Dinner (BBQ and Soft Drinks)

Breakfast (Halwa Puri and Tea)


Soft Music

Snorkeling Equipment (Mask & Life Jackets)

Life Guards

Services of a Tour Guide

Rs. 5,500/=

Per Head

For Adults


Per Head

For Infant

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Bhit Khori Beach

The Favorite Camping Site of Karachi

What is Bhit Khori and what is its history?

Bhit Khori is a beach, 15 minutes away from Karachi. The golden sand and the crystal blue sea make it a place worth visiting. Bhit Khori has been around for a very long time but it was undiscovered. Until, some families went for a picnic and accidentally ended up here. The uploaded some videos of this breathtaking place and people started visiting it. People gradually started coming here more often, and that attracted campers too. Nowadays, it has transformed into a camping site too. Youngster and families absolutely love to spend their night in camps, here. The seaside camping is an amazing feeling, the sound of waves, sky full of stars and the cold sand.

The beach is full of rocks and small mountain-like formations. It is also very famous for its sunsets and sunrises.

The most prominent feature of this beach is that some nights, the water illuminates and glows. Yes! The water glows at night, if you’re lucky enough to witness it, you will be stunned by the sight. Imagine a sky full of stars, and the sea glowing with waves rising and you sitting in your camp. The process is called bioluminescence, which means that the living organisms like fungi, underwater, emit light which causes the sea to glow and give out the light. Bhit Khori is one of the very few beaches in the world that can get bioluminescence. But you’re lucky, come along with us and witness this heavenly sight. Yes, it’s all possible.

Bhit Khori Journey

The journey consists of two locations; Mubarak Village and Bhit Khori. Mubarak Village is 15 minutes away from Karachi. The road to Mubarak village is very beautiful and smooth. Once you reach Mubarak Village, the road ends. It is followed by a 30-minute trek to Bhit Khori.

The trek towards Bhit Khori is really interesting. It is full of small hills and mountain-like formations. The journey to Bhit Khori may be short, but it is full of adventure.

When you reach Bhit Khori, all you see is sand, water, and the beautiful sunshine. It is usually preferred by everyone to reach before the sunset; because that’s a sight you can’t miss. The sky turns pink with a mixture of purple when the sun sets; the golden hour in Bhit Khori and a breathtaking view.

The beach also has many other beautiful views, and you are set to see them all. Take a stroll on the warm, golden sand and soak your feet in the crystal green water. Many other families also come there from all parts of Pakistan. And it is becoming a very popular tourist spot too. Bring your friends along, and enjoy the trip of your lifetime. With us, only in Bhit Khori


Bhit Khori is a very exciting and fun place. It has so much to offer. From trekking to underwater fun, it has everything that makes your picnic, one to remember forever.


As the night falls, this place starts getting cold and breezy. In that case, you need something to stay warm. We provide you a huge bonfire so you can not only stay warm but also enjoy the sight and the vibes. A bonfire on a beach, a sight nobody would want to miss.


Not only are we offering a trek to Bhit Khori, but also in Bhit Khori! Explore the old location, trek on and find things, capture it in your cameras. Climbing rocks and taking long walks to the beach, this is the perfect way to get some change in your life. There’s nothing that can stop you from setting you free.

 Snorkeling in Bhit Khori Beach

The crystal green water is a perfect spot for snorkeling. Snorkeling is when you go deep underwater to observe and capture the marine line. Catch a glimpse of all the marine animals you wanted to see. Bhit Khori has all the marine life you’ve always desired to see. We provide you an opportunity to see them as close as possible. Our professional photographers will be there to capture every moment you spend with the marine life. Take a selfie, or with a fish, we are there to capture it.

Music Night

Slow, rhythmic music and a sky full of stars. Yes, that’s what we are offering on this trip. Sit under the stars, beside the beach and enjoy your favorite song. Everyone jamming on the songs in Bhit Khori is a special moment to witness. We make the arrangements, you set the mood!

 Fresh BBQ

There’s nothing better than fresh, off the grill BBQ. The BBQ will be made exclusively for you, by our experienced and skillful chefs. And you don’t have to worry about the quantity, we keep them coming until you’re done. A bonfire, music, the beach, and BBQ, you surely can’t miss this unreal trip.


You’re probably wondering what’s to see in Bhit Khori. Well, let me tell you that Bhit Khori has an amazing sight that will leave you stunned. The beach, at night, glows. Yes! It glows. It’s called bio-luminescence. Bio-luminescence is the process in which light is produced and emitted by the living organisms underwater. Mostly fungi and other things, they light up the water, which then looks like the water is powered with lights! Words can’t do justice to the view. You have to see it to believe it!

Night Camping with Billion Stars

Spend your night in a camp, and a sleeping bag. We can bet that this would be the most peaceful sleep you’ve ever had. That is if you sleep because, at nightfall, the beach becomes even prettier. With the water touching, the shore and the sound of waves, this is the perfect spot to calm your mind and soul; the whole night in a camp under the stars. This is one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have. Come, join us and relive your dreams in Bhit Khori.

Plan your journey

Terms and conditions are applied price may be changed

  • Day 1

    DAY 1

    02:00 PM: Gathering time.
    03:00 PM: Departure from Karachi.
    05:00 PM: Arrival at Mubarak Village.
    30 Minute trekking to Bhit Khori.
    06:00 PM: Camping Setup
    06:30 PM: Watch the mesmerizing sunset from the hill top (optional)
    09:00 PM: Dinner (Live BBQ).
    10:00 PM: Start of Bonfire with Soft Music
    12:00 AM: Let’s wait for the Magical Waves with Bio-luminescent Effects.
    01:00 AM: Rest time in Camps under infinite stars.

  • Day 2

    DAY 2

    06:00 AM: Watch the beautiful sunrise from the beach or hilltop (Optional)
    07:30 AM: Snorkeling Beaching Session at Bhit Khori.
    10:00 AM: Breakfast Time (Live Halwa Puri).
    12:00 PM: Departure for Karachi.
    03:00 PM: Arrival at Karachi.

  • Day 3

    What You Have To Bring

    Hiking shoes or joggers
    A pair of Sandals or Flip Flops
    Extra pair of clothes
    Personal medication if you are suffering from any disease
    Sunglasses or cap/hat
    Sunblock cream
    And any other extra thing that you want to bring like snacks, hand sanitizer etc.
    Water Bottle (For Bus Traveling)

  • Day 4

    Trip Doesn’t Include

    Any Private Expenses
    Travel Equipments
    Any thing not included in Tour Cost
    Any Medical Rescue


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