Sapat Beach Buji Koh Day Trip

Sapat Beach Buji Koh Exploration Day Trip


Makran Coastal Highway

Agore Bridge

View of River Hingol

Off Roading in 4x4 Vehicle

Mesmerizing Sunrise at Hingol

Caves at Sapat Beach

Virgin Buji Koh Beach

All Meals


Luxurious 4x4 Vehicle

Pick & Drop from Pre-decided point

Breakfast (Omlate, Paratha & Tea )

Lunch (Chicken Karhai, Nan & Soft Drinks)

Drinking Water


DSLR Photography

Tour Guide

Portable Changing Room at Sapat Beach

Rs. 7,000/=

Per Head

For Adults


Per Head

For Infant

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Sapat Beach Buji-Koh

“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach – waiting for a gift from the sea.”

Sapat Beach

Balochistan owns the majority of Pakistan’s coastline. The beaches are still unknown to the people who live near them. This helps in the preservation of the natural habitat of the wildlife, but these beaches are way too beautiful to be ignored. On this trip, we take you to this unexplored, wild and breathtaking beach. The beach also has a lot of caves that are yet to be witnessed by the people. This is the only beach in Pakistan that is surrounded by caves. We let you explore the caves and roam freely around the beach because we know beaches set the souls free. We have developed a luxury experience for the people who travel with us. 4×4 off-roading boat rides and so much more; only with us!

The Journey

The journey to Sapat beach is going to be a long one, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t be adventurous. The trip holds a lot of places for you to visit, hence, a weekend you will never forget.

A four-hour journey gets us to the Hingol National Park. The biggest natural wildlife park in Pakistan, with all the animals you have ever dreamt of seeing and it also has its very own pure water lake. Freshen up or go for a swim, the waters await you.

We then make our way straight to Buji Koh. Traveling through the Makran coast, you will be mesmerized by the beauty it holds. The beautiful mountain peaks, and the smooth road that glides through them. A sight you can’t miss. It is said that when you scream at the mountains, the voice echoes from behind you, but nobody has ever tried it, and probably never will.

Making our way to Sapat beach, we will then witness the absolutely beautiful sunrise on the beach. The sun rising over the beach is one of the things you will never forget. Sit on the shore watch the beautiful sight, as you get ready to explore the caves.

Sapat beach holds the prettiest, yet unexplored caves in Pakistan. We give you a chance to see and indulge in the cave exploration. Take pictures or selfies, there’s nobody stopping you from being yourself.

On Sapat beach, you will be allowed to go wherever you want, but the beach is so beautiful that you will be stuck to its sight. With the water reflecting the sunlight, and you being surrounded by caves, we are sure that you will never leave this place. (But we don’t want that)

Come with us and witness this beautiful trip, with beautiful people making beautiful memories!


As soon as this trip starts, you will be at the edge of your seat because you wouldn’t want to miss any view. This trip is so full of adventure and beauty that it will leave you stunned and nostalgic for weeks. We give you a once in a lifetime chance to experience it all, and we also have a lot of things planned for you, so don’t wait, take this opportunity and see undiscovered Pakistan with us!

4×4 Off Road Drives

While we make our way to Sapat beach, the journey to it is off the road. We are giving you a luxurious trip on our very own 4×4 vehicles. A 30-minute off-road trail is all you need to take a break from life, along with other activities. Hold on, as we take you through one of the roughest patches in the region.

Virgin Buji Koh Beach

Buji Koh beach is one of the prettiest places in Pakistan. It is an ocean place that has a lot to offer. With wildlife ranging from sharks and dolphins to deer and turtles, this is one of the most attractive sights you will ever see! The beautiful water glows when the sunlight falls on it, making it a very addictive spot for adventure. We are sure just a glimpse of this will leave you stunned.

Hingol River

The best part of Hingol National park is the river it has. It is said that the river purifies itself. The purest water you will ever find. Crystal green water and wildlife near you, what a moment. Dip your feet or wash your face, the Hingol River awaits. One of the prettiest stops on our way to Sapat Beach

Sapat Beach Caves

The Sapat Beach caves are the prettiest caves to ever exist in the region. Golden caves full of mystery and beauty; you will be given a chance to explore it all. The guides and the locals will tell you all there is about the caves and the stories related to it. You will surely be stunned by their tales, and obviously by the beauty of these caves.

Hingol Sunrise

The Hingol sunrise is one of the most famous things to ever exist. The beautiful sun rays falling on the park and the mountain ranges are just the fixes you need if you are looking for something new in your life. You have seen a lot of sunsets and sunrise, but you have never seen a prettier sunrise than the Hingol sunrise.

Makran Coastal Highway

You probably know about the Makran highway The Mountains, the smooth road and the company of fellow travelers. The mountain peak looks beautiful at the night time too, let alone the morning. One of the prettiest mountain ranges in Pakistan. We give you a chance to explore these both, in the night and in the sun. There is a community that lives near the Makran Highway, in the mountains. The pretty houses on the left, and the huge, wild yet breathtaking mountain range on the opposite side; What a feeling that would be, you’ll never be able to feel it until you witness it. Come, witness beauty with us!

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  • Day 1

    DAY 1

    01:00 AM: Departure from Karachi
    05:00 AM: Arrival To Hingol National Park
    05:15 AM: Breakfast and Washroom Stop
    05:30 AM: Departure for Buji Koh Sapat Bandar (Half Hour Off Road Traveling)
    06:00 AM: Arrival at Buji-Koh Sapat Bandar
    06:00 AM: Watch the Mesmerizing Sunrise at Beach
    07:00 AM: Photography Session
    07:30 AM: Caves Exploration
    08:00 AM: Free Time (Enjoy Beaching)
    10:00 AM: Enjoy Chilled Refreshments
    11:00 PM: Departure for Winder
    01:00 PM: Arrival at Winder (Lunch and Rest Break)
    02:00 PM: Departure for Karachi
    04:00 PM: Arrival at Meetup point in Karachi.


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