Welcome to Kund Malir Beach

Since 2014 we are here to provide you the best trip and great adventure to visit Kund Malir, We also offer other packages for complete Pakistan Tours and other city tours in both Summer and Winter but here we are offering only Hingol National Park Balochistan packages for Friends , Families, Corporate Sectors and SME’s.

Have you ever heard of a beach in a desert?

Let us take you to the exotic Kund Malir beach. The beach which fulfill all the requirement of a peaceful and serene place to soothe your mind. Kund Malir beach will give you the peace of mind which you cannot find in this hot summer. We will help you in making your journey memorable and exciting by providing you the services which none other can provide you. Enjoy the delicious recipes by our expert traditional cooks from Baluchistan at Kund Malir beach. Have a refreshing ride with our air conditioned transport to the beach. Make your stay exciting by booking the huts on the beach and have an eye on the rising sun. For the details of Packages check our website.

kund malir

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