Trip to Murree – The Experience of a Lifetime

Trip to Murree

There are many hill stations in Pakistan because of the abundance of hills and mountains all over the country. One of the best things about these hill stations is that they bring you closer to the skies, and you can witness clouds coming down to the hills. This is why hill stations are the most popular places for people looking for a getaway. Because of the elevation, the long drive to the hilltops is just magical and scenic, making the entire journey adventurous for you.

Trip to Murree Pakistan
Wide angle view of Murree

One of such places in Pakistan is the town of Murree, that is nestled between the alpine Himalayan mountains in Punjab, about 30 kilometers northeast of Islamabad. I’m sure whenever you hear the word “Murree”, you imagine a romantic place that makes you fall in love with everything around you. That is actually true. Because Murree is Pakistan’s most famous and most visited holiday destination that leaves people in surprise. Being the most visited resort town, Murree has always received government’s attention and is being continuously developed to facilitate the tourists. One of such developments is the Murree Expressway, a smooth and speedy access control highway that connects Islamabad to Murree directly, and provides an uninterrupted gateway for the commuters.

So the next time you are planning a trip to Murree, you know which way to take.

Here’s the Only Guide You Need to Murree

How to Get to Murree

So the way to Murree is pretty simple and straightforward. From Islamabad, the drive via Murree Expressway only takes an hour. The expressway is a wide 4-lane road for fast traffic. It is recommended to leave in the morning so you can enjoy the scenic views of mountains and greenery while zigzagging your way up to Murree.

You can also take the old Islamabad-Murree road if for any reason the expressway is close. This old highway takes 1 and a half hour to reach Murree. You can either drive yourself up take the taxis or buses from different bus stands in Islamabad.

Things to Do in Murree

Being Pakistan’s top tourist destination, Murree offers exciting and fun activities for all people. From great food to interesting souvenir shops, traditional clothes, and thrilling rides, Murree has a lot in store for you.

The Mall

mall road murree
Mall Road – Murree

Who has not heard of the famous the Mall, or more commonly known as the Mall Road. Murree’s Mall Road is like the soul of this town. Going to Murree and not seeing the Mall Road would be just like you never visited Murree.

The famous Mall Road is the main commercial strip in the town. The road is swarmed with souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels and more. This street at night is the most lit part of the entire region. Mall Road is crowded with pedestrians and tourists until late night, who come out to enjoy the hustle of the town and buy souvenirs for their loved ones.

There are also many hotels and restaurants built on this strip that offer both continental and desi food. Eateries such as Usmania restaurant, KFC, Bundu Khan, Pizza Hut, Khyber Shinwari, Lintot’s restaurant, Afghan Turkistan Restaurant and more, offer various cuisines and delicacies for all taste buds.

After a nice dinner, you can head out and enjoy Mall Road’s famous coffee and relax by walking in the chilly night and exploring the nearby shops. Or, to make your experience even better, visit the Huqqa Pani Lounge to enjoy some flavored sheesha with a spectacular view of the surroundings.

Kashmir Point

kashmir point view murree
Kashmir Point – Murree

Kashmir Point, also situated on the mall road is a spot from where you can have a bird eye’s view of the surrounding mountains. It is the highest location in Murree, at an elevation of 7500 feet above sea level, from where you can view the far off mountains of Kashmir.

Pindi Point

As the name suggests, Pindi Point is a spot in Murree from where you can view the entire cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Pindi Point also has a scenic chair lift ride facility from 9 am till 8 pm. A 1.5 kilometer long chair lift ride takes you down, while providing an exhilarating view of the surrounding lush green hills. Pindi Point also has a café and playground for children to have fun.

Murree Brewery Remnants

remnants of brewery
Ruins of the Old Murree Brewery – Murree

Established in 1860’s, this architectural beauty was used as a brewery to fulfill the demand of beer in the times of the British rule. The building is a classic European style architecture whose remnants can still be seen in Murree. To a stranger who does not know about the brewery, the building may like the ruins of a European castle.

New Murree (Patriata)

Patriata is a hillstation located 15 kilometers southeast of the Murree hills. The Patriata hill station is also known as New Murree, and is a more developed and established tourist destination. The hills around Patriata are paved with trekking paths to enhance the tourist’s experience.

chairlift patriata new murree
Patriata – New Murree

There is also a two stage cable car and chair lift to provide a panoramic view of the entire region and take you to the topmost point of the Murree hills in Patriata, which is also the highest point of Punjab. The chair lift ride will take you up through the tall pine trees and to the highest point. The journey back is even more magical and thrilling as you can see a bird’s eye view of the entire Murree.

Trips to Nathia Gali, Ayubia, Patriata, Bhurban

If your itinerary allows, you can get around the other small towns of the Murree district and explore the area in depth. Nathia gali, Ayubia, Bhurban and Patriata are all a part of the Murree district, located at a short distance. These natural pieces of paradise will surely refresh your soul.

pearl continental bhurban
Pearl Continental – Bhurban

Some other things to do in Murree are:

  • Visiting the Sozo Adventure Park in Murree.
  • Golfing in Bhurban’s golf course.
  • Roaming around in the Murree Safari train.
  • Enjoying the snowfall in winters.

If you are visiting Murree to see snowfall, the best time is late December and early January. But if you are going in a warmer time, April till October is the best time to visit Murree, as the weather is pleasant most of the year. Looking forward to your trip to Murree? Get in touch with a travel agent here and let them do all the planning and bookings for you.  


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