French Beach Karachi

The French Beach Karachi

French Beach Karachi is one of the pride of this city. It is also called Karachi beach due to its popularity. Karachi has a lot of beaches but not all of them are like French Beach. It is located midway between the Turtle Beach and Paradise Point. It is famous for numerous activities that are offered there, along with the breathtaking scenic beauty itself. The beach has a very old school touch, with people living in tents near it and having the old resorts near it. But recently, the government has been looking to modernize it in all aspects. It also has a wild yet calm feeling to it, which attracts many adventurers and surfers to it. The French Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Sindh. The clear water with a touch of green and pure brown shores make it a destination you wouldn’t want to miss.

french beach karachi

Celebrities Love French Beach

Many Pakistani Celebrities spotted at French beach karachi with there families and enjoyed a lot as you can see in the pics below

Activities at French Beach Karachi

Along with beauty, this place offers a lot. People from all over the country visit it to try new things.


One of the main facilities offered here is swimming. The Karachi Beach is a host to many species that are not found elsewhere. Along with this, the temperature and physical appearance of the water makes it one of the most beautiful sights ever. It will surely tempt you to take a swim.

Scuba Diving

The perfectly safe experience of scuba diving, along with lifeguards and the proper gear, possible with us only on The French Beach. The experience includes watching marine life and collecting unlimited memories.

french beach karachi


French beach is one of the few beaches that host and welcome surfers. The amazing atmosphere and conditions make it a favorite among the surfers. The waves are high and fast which make it a very memorable experience for the surfers.


The beach also offers long cruises along the shore as the beach stretches till Gwadar. The shore is very rough and long. The locals there provide cruising on their 4×4 and that’s not it! They also provide the service of beach skiing on their rides. You are also allowed to drive it one they teach you how to operate the ski.

french beach karachi


If you love surfing and skiing, we have the best thing for you; Windsurfing is also available there. The experienced windsurfers there take you along on their little boats to experience a one of a kind journey. It is extremely safe and the surfers there know what they are doing, so there’s nothing to worry about!


The French Beach is only one of the few beaches that offer kayaking. It is an extremely fun sport where you choose a partner and go in the water on a small boat where you use your kayak to gain speed and choose the direction. A wonderful experience to share with your best friend!

french beach karachi huts


The locals there are expert fishermen. Not only do they invite you to fish with them, but they also teach you the basics of fishing. That’s not all, they also cook the most delicious fresh fish you have ever eaten. All this, with us at The French Beach

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