Turtle Beach Karachi

Turtle Beach Karachi

Turtle beach is very famous tourist spot and picnic place in karachi.its a naturally sandy beach where no rocks and reefs. its located between hawksbay and sandspit. In summers, rare species of Green and Olive Ridley Turtles come to lay eggs in the Southwest beaches of Karachi, specially to the Sandspit Beach and the Hawksbay Beach. The name “Sandspit” itself refers to pits made by Turtles to burry eggs.

These pits can be obsereved on the beachside during summer months. During the nesting period, Lucky ones can see these Turtles creeping in and out of the sea mostly after the sunset. These turtles form tractor like tracks, as shown in the photographs, visible all around alongside the beach. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has also set-up a Wetland Center at Sandspit Beach to dissiminate awareness about turtle conservation methods. These beaches also host various other marine species, to name the few are Algae, Snails, and Crabs.

Turtle Beach Huts

Turtle Beach offers a wide range of beautiful huts, where you can feel the comfort with ease along with your family at the beach front. Below are some images of different huts available at Turtle beach Karachi

Turle beach have the most luxury huts depend on your requirements, The pricing for a luxury hut starts from Rs.15,000/- to Rs.50,000/- per day with the maximum limit of 25 persons, You can also get the car parking inside.

If you need any to book Huts at Turtle beach Please Call: 0322-2408545

Best Spot for Family Picnic Turtle Beach:

The Turtle Beach, also known as Hawks Bay Beach is a beach in the west of Karachi, Sindh. Due to it being such a popular and beautiful landmark, people also call it the Karachi Beach. With crystal blue water, and the sunlight sparkling on it, giving it a touch of green too, this is a very famous spot for tourists and families. The beach is not a normal beach; it has one of the rarest reptile populations in the world. Another thing is that this is one of the very few beaches, all over the world where green sea turtles are found and they are also seen laying eggs here. Not once, but every year. Along with this, the beach also has a lot of beautiful and luxurious resorts and huts. Whether you are going on a trip with your family, or friends, you can stay there for a day and enjoy the golden sandy beach while you sip on some delicious drinks.


Once you reach this beach, the possibilities of having fun here are unlimited. Just the feeling of being in the Karachi beach will make you calm and give you joy. One of the best things about this beach is that it is full of entertainment. It is fully equipped with things like electricity, washrooms, snacks and even the delicious local food. We are sure that once you visit this beach with us, you will never forget this experience, and definitely visit again. Whether you are going for a pleasure trip, of taking a break, this is the destination you would want to visit. Some of the main activities that are offered there are mentioned below.


There’s nothing better than spending your weekend with your family on a beach. The Karachi beach offers you the perfect environment to have a fun day there. Stay in the luxurious resorts or got take a dip in the beach; everything is possible in the Turtle Beach, Karachi.


One of the best features about this beach is that it offers you to take a swim in the vast yet beautiful water. The beach has a lot of lifeguards so you can swim without worries. This beach has one of the rarest species of reptiles living in it which makes you experience of swimming between them very special and unforgettable. The water has a very good temperature all around the year and you can even take pictures of the marine life present there.  

boating fishing at turtle beach


The beach has a lot of professional fishermen present there who can guide you about the basics of fishing. Not only do they help you catch them, they also cook them for you if you stay after the sunset. Fresh fish, caught by you and made right in front of your eyes, there’s nothing better than this. 

Camel and Horse Riding at Turtle Beach

The shore is filled with locals who own camels and horses. They come there every day and offer camel and horse rides. It is a wonderful experience and a great chance if you have never experienced this. They have the precautionary equipment and are professionals in their jobs. Come and try these new experiences with us, only on The Turtle Beach in Karachi.

turtle beach camel ride

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