Kund Malir Day Tour

1 Day Trip To Kund Malir


Kund Malir Beach

Princess of Hope

Mud Volcano (Not allowed)

Hingol National Park

Buzzy Pass

Nani Mandir (Not allowed for muslims)

Mountain Hiking

Beautiful Lanscape


2 Ways AC Transport


Lunch (Karhai Gosht)

Mineral Water (Unlimited)

Cold Drinks (with Lunch)

Evening Tea

Tour Guide

Call 0322-2408545

DSLR Photography

Rs. 4,999/=

Per Head

For Adults


Per Head

For Infant

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Kund Malir Beach

The journey also includes the Kund Malir Beach. The beautiful beach that is also mixed with a desert, near Hingol is one of the most prominent features of the area; with the wild mountain range around it, and the rough desert where you will truly be amazed. The locals there offer you a desert safari through the rough and dusty terrain; whether you want to take pictures or a drive. This amazing experience is only starting to begin, as we make our way forward towards Gwadar.

Princess of Hope and Lion of Balochistan

When you reach the Buzi Pass, you would be gliding on the newly built roads as it makes its way through the Makran Range. Make a stop there to enjoy the vast blue water of the Arabian Sea on one side, and when you look at the opposite direction, the rough and wild, yet beautiful mountains on the other side. When you travel through the highway, you will get a chance to see the surroundings. You will observe the Princes of Hope and Lion of Balochistan. The Princess of Hope is completely formed of rock that displays a female, known as a famous princess in the ancient times, looking away (for hope), hence the name. The name was given by the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie on her visit to Pakistan, she was stunned by how beautiful this particular region is and wanted to visit again sometime soon. The Lion of Balochistan is also a rock formation but it is in the shape of a Lion, nobody would believe if this was made in any country other than Egypt.

Hingol National Park

One of these is the Hingol National Park; the biggest natural park in Pakistan, famous for its raw wildlife. Not only will you get to see the wildlife in their natural homes, but you can also take a swim! Yes, nearby is the natural Hingol River, managed by the locals where you can take a swim, and refresh yourself. As you get back on the road, you’ll see the hidden beauty of the Makran Mountain Range.

hingol national park

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  • Day 1

    Two Way AC Transport
    1- Meetup Time : 12:00 am
    2- Meetup Point (Millenium Mall, Gulistan-e-Jauhar) / Hyderi Post Office (North Nazimabad)
    3- Departure Time : 01:00 am
    4- Breakfast (Breakfast Egg, Paratha, Tea)
    5- Lunch (Chicken Karahi).
    6- Refreshments (Cold Drinks, Tea)
    7- Soft Drinks (Unlimited)
    8- Tour Guide.
    9- Professional DSLR Photography
    10- Mineral Water Bottles (Unlimited)
    11- Washroom Facility
    12- Departure Time from Kund Malir 3:00 PM
    13- Arrival Time : 7:00 PM


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