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    Siri Paye – Heaven Valley with Dangerous Roads – KMT

    Siri Paye is a high mountain lake at an elevation of 3.058m (10,032ft) above the sea degree, positioned in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. the common gradient is 11.2%, with a few sections up to fifteen%.

    The street to the summit is difficult. it’s a 4×4 gravel street, very slim and steep. the path needs 100% awareness. this street has humbled many egos. it’s now not for the sissies and shouldn’t be attempted with the aid of novice drivers. Siri Paye boasts scenic inexperienced mountains and snowcapped peaks, with a non violent environment and herbal splendor this is soul-soothing. Do not journey this avenue in severe climate situations. avalanches, heavy snowfalls and landslides can arise each time, being extraordinarily risky because of frequent patches of ice. moon quickly winds deliver heavy rains with occasional hail storm. surprising thunder hurricane and heavy rains hold environment cool and once in a while create difficulties for traffic to transport round. it’s miles difficulty to iciness snowfalls with this sort of high summit altitude, and the street can be closed anytime when the get right of entry to isn’t always cleared of snow. heat garments are endorsed for nights because of low temperature. heavy snow keeps valley blanketed in the course of the iciness season.

    siri paye

    Siri Paye – Heaven Valley in Pakistan

    Siri Paye is a closely guarded meadow up north, in contrast to the Galiyat, Siri Paye isn’t clean to get admission to. steep mountains, a narrow steep street, rocky landslide, and iciness snow has kept Siri Paye tucked away preserved in its herbal beauty. The picturesque Siri Paye is placed near Kaghan Valley, near the similarly lovely hill station of Shogran. a crystal clean water lake is located proper inside the middle of the meadow. animals grazing the field, wild yellow and lilac plant life enhance the meadow, Siri Paye is rounded by Makra Peak, Malika Parbat, Musa ka Musala.

    siri paye

    Shogran is on the market via jeeps from Kiwai, visitor attempt to take their vehicles up to Shogran often returning in useless. except one wouldn’t need to spoil their vehicles simply to escape spending a few thousand rupees. jeeps are closely to be had at Kiwai, in which you can park your non-public cars at a rented parking and rent the jeeps to take you up to Shogran. the locals driving the jeeps have developed the understanding to drive alongside the slippery, slim steep street regardless of their “eyes closed”, as our motive force had claimed. the jeeps used for tourist commercial enterprise within the vicinity had been at the beginning assembled for Pakistan’s military in 1970’s and later auctioned to private individuals.

    siri paye

    It takes round forty minutes to reach Shogran, the jeep trip is exhilarating consequently one doesn’t gets bored in the ones forty mins. Shogran has a plethora of visitor-homes, tiny motels and cottages. travelers can determine on either to lease a place in Shogran or without delay cross up to Siri Paye and rent a tent for a night in the meadow. locals and inn proprietors are way greater cooperative than those you would find in Galiyat/Murree. forest guest-house is a famous and delightful vicinity to live in Shogran, ousted pm Nawaz Sharif has been reported to have ordered its production. if you make a decision to live the night time at Shogran, be warned the location is lit till 2 am with loud song that will in reality reach you via your doors. tea/espresso providers and Saji/BBQ providers continue to be open till 2 am.

    siri paye

    It takes a similarly 20 minutes to reach Siri Paye, the greater you tour up, the steeper and narrower the road gets. at one steep hilltop point you can spot Shogran while using the jeep, you’ll be amazed how similarly up you have got traveled. it will be a three hour hike from shogran to siri paye, in case you are feeling sincerely adventurous. Siri Paye is closely coated in a snow blanket at some point of the winters, whilst in summers, green grass and flowers beautify the meadow. an serene area to hike around, or if you are tired you could travel on horseback for a trifling 200 rupees (gvs could endorse vacationers to be extra generous although). if you stroll towards the hilly corners of the meadow you may discover a neighborhood family dwelling in a hand built difficult cottage, who will offer to serve you home made natural traditional food. the animals grazing at the fields aren’t very fond of visitor hence it is endorsed to keep a secure distance.

    siri paye

    At a majestic top of 11200 feet the close by makra height boasts a dramatic scenery, certainly a heaven for nature photographers and could serve a picturesque backdrop to your social media pix. be careful when you have any respiration associated fitness troubles, as at a exceptional peak air stage starts to “thin”. there are numerous myths that hint the origins of the meadow’s name, ‘Siri Paye’. but the most practicable rationalization to the call might be, sar that means “lake” in Hindko, the a commonplace language in Kaghan, as well as in Seraiki and punjabi. at the same time as paya in Hindko is a high grazing ground. at over 3000 meters above the sea, that is what paya honestly is. Be sure to mark shogran and siri paye as your next tour vacation spot, the peaceful and serene surroundings might function a far wished break from the hustles and bustles of the metropolis existence.

    siri paye

    Nestled inside the Kaghan valley, the road isn’t easy. power with care as this is a mountain road with hairpin curves and perilous dropoffs. a few turns are enough to raise your hair. the trail is pretty steep. beginning from Kiwai, at 1.502m above the sea stage, the ascent is 13.eight km long. over this distance the elevation benefit is 1.556 meters. the common gradient is eleven.2%, with a few sections up to fifteen%.


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