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    Snorkeling in Karachi

    Snorkeling in Karachi, This article is based on Snorkeling benefits and best places for Snorkel, It is a water based activity which is practiced throughout the world. Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity for the world class resort as it helps in calming a busy mind and help in understanding yourself better. Although it is not a psychological activity as its effect may have made you think like that. Snorkeling is a type of swimming in which the swimmer wears a mask and a tube like structure known as snorkel for going into deep water. Sometimes the person has to wear fins so that he or she can easily swim in the water. If the water is cool a wet suit may also be needed for the diver to keep warm his or her body.

    snorkeling in karachi

    International Best Places for Snorkeling

    There are some top best places for snorkeling which are rich with unique marine life. The Galapagos Island holds many wonder of the marine life providing a rich view for its divers. Upel Island resort on the edge of Morava Lagoon in the Solomon Islands are also one of the spot famous for snorkeling. Bimini Undersea adventures provide you with a better close view of wild dolphin. Poseidon Undersea Resorts in Maldives provide you with an underwater experience which you cannot forget ever. Snorkeling the reefs of Kauai is one of the famous activities of the island. Kauai provide a variety of underwater life to its visitors. The planet earth is covered with 70% water and the rest 30% is land. With such huge percentage of water it has an amazing marine life and a large area still undiscovered. Pakistan has Arabian Sea to its South, which provide a number of opportunities for its inhabitants to refresh themselves with different water based activities.

    snorkeling in karachi

    Karachi the Cosmopolitan

    Karachi is the capital of Sindh and business heart of Pakistan with its amazing features. It has been the capital of Pakistan till 1960 but later on due to geographical reason the capital was transfer to Islamabad. Karachi is also known as the “city of lights” as it is alive whether its day time or night time. The people of Karachi are also very enthusiastic and full of life. They enjoy every bit of their life although the law and order situation of the city is not too encouraging. Karachi has a number of spots for the outing and entertainment of Karachities. From man made entertaining parks like “Sindbad Park” to the beauty of Arabian Sea Karachi is rich with entertaining spots. With Arabian Sea in its lap Karachi provides a number of water games for its inhabitants and also for the people throughout the country. Cliff diving, Scuba diving, swimming, free diving, jet ski riding, cruise boating, speed boating, snorkeling in Karachi are few of these water activities. There are a number of agencies and companies which arrange trips for such entertaining and refreshing trips which adds to the album of your golden memories.

    snorkeling in karachi

    Be Healthy and Add more Recreational Activities like Snorkeling

    Snorkeling come in the category of recreational water activities. Recreational activity means an activity of leisure. Recreation means to be indulge in an activity which the person loves to do to refresh himself from the daily routine. Biologically and psychologically recreational activities are essential for human body. It has a very positive effect on the lifestyle of a person and helps in facing many problems of his life. Recreation can be achieved through sports, like volleyball, football, basketball and many more. It can also be done by adventure, entertainment, and amusement. It depends upon person to person and also on the psychological and cultural set up. It can be mainly categorize into indoor and outdoor activities.

    snorkeling in karachi

    Best Agencies for Snorkeling in Karachi

    There are a number of agencies and companies which arrange trips for such entertaining and refreshing trips which adds to the album of your golden memories. Our own Kund Malir Tours provides you with an amazing experience of Snorkeling in Karachi at Churna Island. The water is about 10 – 15 feet deep for snorkeling on this island of Karachi. Charna Island is rich in coral reef which attracts a number of marine life variety thus making it a perfect place for snorkeling in Karachi.  Hiddenture is another company which provide you with services for the snorkeling in Karachi which adds to your amazing experience of water activities. Snorkeling can be sometime a bit disgusting as it took a few moments for a person to be adjusted to the snorkel and water. Sometime a person may inhale the salty water of the sea while adjusting the snorkel to avoid such situation the person must keep some candies in the bag to avoid the taste of sea water.

    snorkeling in karachi

    Benefits of Snorkeling in Karachi

    As stated earlier snorkeling is a recreational activity which is very important for healthy growth. Some of the benefits of Snorkeling in Karachi include better breathing as it increases the breathing capacity of lungs. It can motivate, tone, and trim the shape of our body. Beside this it improves cardiovascular health and joint mobility and helps in avoiding arthritis. It helps in overcoming mental disease hereby strengthening mind and avoid stress, tension, and depression. Snorkeling connects you with nature and thus improve your mood and makes your life more meaningful.

    snorkeling in karachi

    Add more to life with Snorkeling!

    In the busy routine of today’s life, Snorkeling is a best option to overcome stress and other problems of life as it only aim is to provide peace to the mind. It should be practice frequently as it is a healthy activity. Snorkeling provide us with a chance of adding more meaning to our life which in my opinion everyone should avail so that he or she can enjoy life to its fullest. Water is a source of peace if at rest and deep water has many incredible secrets of life which will make you forget about the worries of your own life. It will make you think about the limitless creation of the Creator and management of this wonderful underwater land.


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