Gorakh Hill Station Tour

2 Days 2 Night Gorakh Hill Station Trip


Benazir Point

4×4 Jeeps (Non AC) from Gorakh Base to G resort

Zero Point



Breakfast at G-Resort

DSLR Photography

Weather like Murree


Luxurious AC Transport

Accommodation in Sleeping Tents ( Sharing Basis )

Breakfast (Two Times)

Lunch (Two Times)

Dinner Included.

Basic First Aid Kit

Campsite charges and fees

Professional Photography

Tour Guide

Call 0322-2408545

Rs. 12,999/=

Per Head

For Adults


Per Head

For Infant

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Gorakh Hill Station:

Gorakh Hill Station, also known as the ‘Murree” of Sindh, is one of the most common and attractive tourist sites in Pakistan. Boundlessly beautiful and magical, Gorakh is much more than just the ‘Murree’ of Sindh. Full of history and events from the past, it has been one of the main spots for historians from all over the world. The region is an excellent prospect for bird watchers and photographers.

With each journey, there is a part of your soul which awaits you at a place, you have never visited before. Traveling is a way of reconnecting with nature and, most importantly, yourself

Description and History:

Situated on one of the highest plateaus of Pakistan, this hill station is spread on a vast area of around 2500 acres. The chilly temperatures and a lot of rainfall make Gorakh Hill Station a site not to miss. Gorakh Hill Station got its name from its history. The Hindu Saint, Sri Gorakhnath used to take strolls in these beautiful hills. Most of the locals, Hindu and Muslim, used to follow him and it is believed that traces of his powers and abilities are still found there. The difficult and uneven routes and paths make it an adventurous place to visit.

Trips like these come once in a lifetime, you hardly find places in the raw wilderness that give you peace and make you explore yourself. Even in summers, the average temperature here is 15ºC. Known for its stunning sunsets, sunrise and peaceful nights, this makes it the perfect site to have a bonfire. You’ll see the local shepherds with their animals there. They come out to feed their goats. It is a beautiful sight. The steep routes and on the cliff views make it a once in a lifetime experience.

The Journey:

The road takes turns along the mountains and steeps down for a bumpy 50 kilometers, and then comes the Yaroo Pass. The journey continues in the mountains for another 70 kilometers, after which you reach the base camp of the highest pass of Kirthar. The drive then continues for a zig-zag, beautiful route for about 10 kilometers. Once you travel among these routes, you will forget about any other thrilling place you have been to, be it North Pakistan or any other area. The skillful drivers will escort you to the Gorakh Hill Station, in their amazing and thrilling jeeps.

Adventure Jeep Ride:

The jeep rides are a significant part of the journey. As no other transportation can make it to the hill station. Cool breeze against your face as you sit in the open jeeps, on the dangerous yet beautiful roads is a feeling you don’t want to miss. As they say, the journey is more beautiful than the destination. We will be traveling through some of the most unique and beautiful cities in Pakistan, Hyderabad, Jamshoro and Sehwan Sharif. Covering them we will be on our way to the hill station.

The Red Mountains

The road to Gorakh Hill Station is covered with dust mountains and mirages, as far as the eye goes. The view is one of a kind, something you’ll only believe if you experience it. Giving you an opportunity to visit it with your friends, jam on songs while the bonfire goes on, stargazing all night through the tents, jeep rides you’ve never had before, and more than that making memories you’ll never forget. Exploring different temples and the ruins, finding the best hill food on the top, chilly, silent weather and perfect tracks to trek and hike.

The red mountains look like the Grand Canyon in the United States or the Ayers Rocks in Australia. When the sun sets and the nearby peaks are blurred by fog, it feels like standing in a dream, with the clouds descending on your feet, making you feel like you’re in heaven. Added to that, the mysterious history of this hill station, the tour guides will make you familiar with all there is to know about the Gorakh Hill Station.

Exploring and Making Memories:

This journey would be very special, as you will make new friends, new memories. Even if you’re a group of friends traveling together, you will have an experience of a lifetime. Mixing with the locals there, getting to know about their daily routines and past experiences. The locals of Khuzdar, Balochistan also come over to the hill station to buy food and other utilities. And it would be the perfect chance for you to find out about the lifestyle, routines of people from different cultures and places. The rich culture of the people living in the Gorakh Hill Station, the hospitality on the locals there, you’ll see it all. Not to forget the absolutely beautiful sunsets. The sun setting in the mountains, hazy weather and a cup of tea

Despite being a long journey, this would be a completely rejuvenating experience for your mind and body. You’ll come back a different person. Get ready for the best 2 days (and night) of your life.

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Plan your journey

Terms and conditions are applied price may be changed

  • Day 1

    Day 1 
    12:00 am Departure from karachi
    06:00 AM: Breakfast at Sehwan 
    09:30 AM: Arrival at Wahi Pandi 
    10:00 AM: Departure for Gorakh Hill by 4×4 Jeeps.
    02:00 PM: Arrival at Gorakh Hill Station
    03:00 PM: Lunch at G-Resort
    04:30 PM: Hike towards Benazir Point also known as zero point
    Sunset View From zero point
    6-9 pm. Preparation of camp and some interesting activites 
    09:00 PM: Dinner
    10:30 PM: Bonfire Session.
    Basic Stargazing and long exposure photography, night stay in camps.

  • Day 2

    Day 02: 
    05:00 AM: An early morning trek towards benazir point as breathing in such fresh environment is blessing for us
    06:00 AM: settling down foir the sight of sunrise
    07:30 AM: Breakfast at G-Resort.
    11:00 AM: Arrival at Wahi Pandi.
    01:00 AM: Arrival at Sehwan (Lunch) 
    04:30 AM: Arrival Hyderabad
    Arrival Karachi 7-8 PM

    Few hours deviation in the basic itinerary in normal due to the construction of motorway.


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